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Lebanese are rightly proud of the LAF’s mission to defend and safeguard Lebanon’s sovereignty, diversity, prosperity and way of life. Trust in the LAF is understandably high. And every man and woman who wears the LAF uniform knows that this trust is their most precious force multiplier. And that it must be respected and protected at all costs. It is no surprise, therefore, that Lebanese refer to the LAF as the ‘Heart of the Nation’. That they address their brothers and sisters in uniform as ‘Watan’. That the crossed swords, anchor and wings reassure Lebanese that the LAF is there to serve and protect them. And so this is not a typical military photography book about equipment and weapons. It is a book about people. This book shows the sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers who serve night and day to preserve everything that Lebanese hold dear. This is a book about honour, sacrifice and loyalty. About unstinting service away from public view, or the attention of the media. This book is a thank you to all those in uniform who serve, have served, or have lost loved ones in uniform, in the defence of this great country. On their behalf I thank you for buying this book. The proceeds will support LAF veterans and their families, to ensure that all of Lebanon’s heroes have a roof over their heads, a decent job, education for their children, adequate healthcare, and the solidarity from you the Lebanese public, that they rightfully deserve.